Spring walk with Michael Bublé

This morning I got ready to go for a walk. I had planned to walk to the city center from my house. I’ve done it before but wanted to try a different route. As I didn’t want to go by myself, I asked Michael Bublé to accompany me but he didn’t reply. Silence gives consent, so I put on my walking shoes, filled my water bottle, grabbed Michael, and left for a two-hour walk in good company.

The weather was perfect. It was sunny but not too hot. It was quite busy, as usual on a nice Sunday. Many people were exercising, walking, and enjoying the spring day in winter. But it was not too crowded, so Michael and I got into a good walking rhythm. We stopped a few times to take pictures of beautifully blooming trees.

Sunny day

On the solitary stretches, Michael and I sang together. Me softly, in case somebody could hear my not so melodious voice. When surrounded by people, Michael sang and I hummed along. Sometimes, people stared at us, frowning, laughing, and looking back. It’s spring, people! The birds sing, Michael sings, I, well, sing…

When we arrived at Retiro park, we decided to walk through it instead of around it. Soon we realized that half of Madrid was in there, and since I don’t much like crowded places, we headed for the nearest exit. But, at that moment, my Celtic Roots Radar picked up a bagpipe tune. Michael stopped singing and we followed the music until we found the source: Mermicolion. We stopped to listen to these three guys for a while.

We left the park, singing, and humming again to Michael’s songs, and moving rhythmically whenever we had to stop at a red traffic light. We walked all the way to the Plaza Mayor and decided to have lunch at Starbucks. There, I took Michael out of my pocket, turned him off, and enjoyed the background music. Oh, you didn’t really think I was out walking with the flesh-and-blood Michael Bublé, did you? I wish!


3 thoughts on “Spring walk with Michael Bublé

  1. What an inspirational walk in the sunshine can do for you! I missed your blog and very much enjoyed reading this one.
    I didn’t really think you were out walking with Michael Bublé, but I have to admit your blog was pretty convincing. I pictured you walking with him through Madrid and could almost see you taking him out of your pocket. You wish, indeed!
    Hope to read your next blog soon!!

    • Yes, when exercising, the blood supply to your brain increases. I got a lot of good ideas on this walk!
      I promis I will write more regularly from now on.

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