Spring walk with Michael Bublé

This morning I got ready to go for a walk. I had planned to walk to the city center from my house. I’ve done it before but wanted to try a different route. As I didn’t want to go by myself, I asked Michael Bublé to accompany me but he didn’t reply. Silence gives consent, so I put on my walking shoes, filled my water bottle, grabbed Michael, and left for a two-hour walk in good company. Continue reading

Fireworks in Bouzas

These last few days, Bouzas (a parish in Vigo, in the northwest of Spain) celebrates its main religious festivity. The streets are decorated with lights, the fair is installed, and the fireworks are prepared. As I love fireworks, and these are the best ones of Vigo, I try to see them every year. Continue reading

Vamos a la playa

Finally! I have been so looking forward to it. No, actually, I have been yearning for it! For a while now. These last couple of weeks have been hectic, overstuffed with work and things to do, and too warm for my liking. So, I had my mind set on the beach. Not necessarily on a sunny day, no, preferably with a cool climate and maybe some clouds. Well. I got what I wanted! Continue reading

My very first blog entry!

After carefully and extensively considering whether to create a blog or not, I signed up for a course on Blogs for Professionals and one on Social Media. This is where my blog life starts.

Finding a subject to write about was the next hurdle to take. Or should it have been the first one? Anyway, I opted for a personal blog, one on life, not only mine but also of the lives of people I know or cross paths with at some point in mine.  Continue reading